Thursday 25 May 2017

How to Make a Timer on Your Game

Cole Laugeson (Tunohopu) needed a timer on his game and spent a lot of time this morning working on this problem. He eventually came up with this solution.....

"Flippy Fish" by Chydelle Gage

Chydelle spent some time problem solving while creating her game. She has coded the sharks so they follow the little fish which makes the game more challenging to play. Help the fish get to his food while avoiding the sharks.

"Space Reflex" by Josh Owen

Josh has been working diligently to create his space game which requires good reflexes. He had to figure out how to make the lasers make the score go up when he hit the blue and red ninjas. To play... The aim of the game is to shoot the blue and red Ninjas without colliding with the creepy space clown.... (Press SPACEBAR to shoot)

Tuesday 23 May 2017

"Hunting Element"

Josh has been working hard during the last few lessons and has created a game called "Hunting Elements". He had some difficulty finding a scope which would perform the way he wanted it to and then had to figure out how arrange the code blocks to make the game work.